Rolling, rolling
Like the whip is stolen, stolen
Like to see us rolling, rolling
Like the whip is stolen, stolen
Me and my, Hittas, hittas (x4)

[Verse 1]
I be on some East shit, we be on some G’ shit
Henney is all we sip
Leaning like the seat sits, leaning like the seat sits
I know that you peep’d it
No its not a secret but we plan to keep this
Vision till you see this
Riding till its pink slip, riding till its pink slip
Only tripping when it’s road trips


[Verse 2]
See this is that, I don’t give a fuck who you are song
See lately I’ve been selfish, I can’t help it
I just want to see us on the screens
Even though you don’t think its that important, Ima do it
For those who’ve been supporting since grade 7
Back when I recorded my first song with Dellz and Savio, I swear that shit was heaven
By far the greatest session, I’ve had in studio who would know this same session
Would be a blessing and turn me into the guy you know
I got love for you niggas dog, now you know who to call if you ever need some bail
It won’t be me dog, cos dog, we’ll be together in jail
In those orange jerseys, won’t happen, Jewish attorneys
La familia, built from ground up Bob the builder
I picture a better life, no filter
Inspired by the fact we felt ourselves before the world could feel us
Talented musicians thinking like drug dealers
Cos the coolest guys in the hood are top spinners
Who don’t wait to be told that they winners
Go getters never do it good, they do it better
In this world only a legacy can live forever, I gotta live forever
A dream I will endeavour, for as long as I’m here
We not perfect we should try be
That’s what my moms tells me all the time, Thanks mom that’s what I needed to hear


Me and my hittas, hittas
All my hittas
You know I, gotta do it till we touch the sky, high
Yeah, yeah and we out
Like yeah, yeah, till we out
Like yeah, yeah, lalalala