Fade Away

Let all my real niggas know
That ima be that famous rapper that you gon know
And if you don't know, you probably won't know
That I've been about it tho, that I've been about the dough
Fuck your where and abouts
I've been in it for a minute man I'm talking bout' the droughts
I'm pass being scout, we gon hustle till we out
Till we fade away the pain, getting faded everyday just to fade away the pain
Bring fame to my name no shame
Ah, and I hope I never pop shit. If she got a booty Ima tell her please pop it
Take your time baby, please don't stop it
Take your time baby, please don't stop it
Ah and I got the realest clique. All real niggas man we all getting rich
We gon run it in a few so we all getting fit
We don't like bitch niggas we don't feel your fits

Rose gold Rollies tho (x2)
OHH tell em light some more
Till the city glow (x2)
OHH Rose gold Rollies tho

[Verse 2]
Lost some homies so
We were meant to blow but I guess you'll never know
Life goes on its a process
I guess things change when a young nigga progress
All or nothing always been that no less, OH Yes
We coming for the top now
Summer or the winter winners ride with the top down
Ah and we headed for the top boy
Talking big engines just to blow the top boy
E30 type of nigga especially with no top boy
Screw a conversation, man I'm through with the talk boy
Ah and I've been riding round the city
Couple bad bitches with my real niggas with me
All white bitches and they ballin, All Britney's
And we gon drink it hard so hard to the kidneys


Better pour me some screw, bring out the 32s
1632, Kempton Park pull through (x2)

RIP to my grand mama
Rest in peace to the rest tho
Rose gold Rollies tho