[Intro: Frank Casino]
20, 20
2021, 21 (21)
2021, 21 (21)

[Hook: Frank Casino]
Driving up to your hood
Crusin' to my bad ting, up to no good (21, 21)
You know what I want (21, 21)
Every time I'm in a 2021 (21)

[Verse 1: Parley]
Ring ring, that's when Frank hit my phone
He said, I'm headed to the north
Do you wanna come along?
I said, well I ain't doing shit
Tryna get away from home
In case they catch you slippin'
I can't let you go alone
I got fifty for the gas
I hope this shit will last
He said pausin' on my tank
Don't you worry 'bout that
He smoked occasionally
But always kept a stash
If the police pull up
I'mma hide that shit fast
My homie drove slow
Took it easy on the gas
No AA to tow us
Just in case we crash
If this our last night
These adventures were very fun
I pray we make it to 21
On the 2021
Off Ellendale
Past the E-Tolls
William Nicol or Grayston
Depending on the exact location
That was 'round the time you were datin'
The girl whose name rhymed with...
Never mind that now, we rollin'
Bentleys, 'Raris and Roses
Astins, oh look, they towing her
See, I ain't got my papers
But if you get too drunk, I'll take the wheel like I'm Jesus
I cannot forget these images
Searching for these broads with the privileges

[Hook: Frank Casino]
Driving up to your hood
Crusin' to my bad ting, up to no good
You know what I want
Every time I'm in a 2021 (2021)
(Crusin' to my bad ting, up to no good)
(You know what I want)
Every time I'm in a 2021 (2021)

[Verse 2: Frank Casino]
Back here again
And I brought my homie with me, so I
Hope you bring a friend
And I hope you got a ten for
The parking lot
I just spent, all I got
On gas and the doors were locked
Oh well, I'll take my chance
Plus I drove without a license
Just a Learner's, while I'm learning
All these roads, and I made it man
You're gorgeous
Plus these foreigners got me feelin' like a tourist
To my homie think this life is made for us
Shortage of it, man we gotta go to Europe
All these nouns are plural
Shoutout to us, kudos
For this trip
Man, we made it here
For my tanned skilled girl
With the Indian hair
Public Section 80
Speedometer between 60/80
Got sections for 20's
But we might sell these for 80's
Chivalry for ladies
In case they stomachs is aching
And we went for the meals
Still went for 20
When we were in the 20
Just before our 20's
You're all I ever wanted in the 20
When I was in 20
Just before my 20's
30 minutes drive to the 20
When I go to 20
Just before my 20's
Girl I'll be there for a 20
30 minutes to 20
But I'll be there in 20

[Verse 3: Parley]
Ridin' to the discy road
Bitches sittin' in the backseat
Influence the shit we wrote
Whenever they would get difficult
We'd take the easy approach
No matter how much we got
We still wanted more
Of these girls with habits
That we couldn't afford
Welcome, to the city
Where your soul ain't yours
But we got W's
If someone's out there keeping the score

Northern lights, they flashing through my soul
With my hoes, and I'm just driving slow
I might pull up to your house tonight
Searching for my self