Something From Me

Frank Casino‘s journey through music has been fueled by trials, triumphs, and most importantly passion. Following the well received release of DJ Speedsta‘s hit single, Mayo, Frank Casino invites listeners into his personal space through the official release of his first project titled Something From Me. The body of work is tight knit with songs that compliment one another, some of which can be said to exhibit this include Pablo, Sauce, and Whole Thing. A notable feature on the project is Priddy Ugly, who appears on Sauce.

Something From Me gives a clear indication of where Frank Casino is from as well as the influence this has had on him thus far. It is a story from the east side, particularly Kempton Park, which gives the listener details of Frank Casino’s aspirations, interests, and objectives in a manner that is precise. The project is rooted in Frank Casino’s experiences and communicates an honesty that cannot be overlooked.


# Title Length
1 Whole Thing 4:44
2 Whole Thing Extended 3:32
3 Pablo 5:07
4 Ride 3:35
5 Christene's Interlude 1:47
6 Christine’s Song 3:45
7 2021 5:07
8 Re - Up 2:54
9 Lowkey 3:58
10 Sauce 5:24
11 Henny 3:04
12 Hittas 4:20
13 Bedroom Thoughts 1:17
14 Something From Me 4:10
15 Fade Away 3:23
16 Rich Is Gangster 3:21
17 011 (Bonus) 3:26