Whole Thing Remix

We want the whole!
Whole, whole, whole!
We want the whole
Uh whole, whole, whole

We want the whole thing, whole thing
We want, we want, we want the whole thing, whole thing (x3)

[Verse 1: Riky Rick]
I built a structure for these niggas they taking me lightly
Mama told me some would love me and some would dislike me
Muthafuckas want me dead but the money revive me
Most likely I'm alive they can never be like me
Lets make it simple for the layman's
Who know could run the city in Gucci slippers and still show up at the daycare
Your night clothes is my daywear
Don't give a fuck about opinions
I'm buying 3 for my minions
Niggas think the game is a breeze
Pardon my ease
I don't wanna be a Ma-E at 43
I don't wanna end up like Jabba, my nigga Flabba
Take a kitchen knife to the body before they love ya
My life resembles a Spanish bull's
The truly brave never make it on the news
I'm Conor Mcgregor I never loose
And even if I lose these niggas follow my moves

[Hook: Frank Casino]

[Verse 2: Frank Casino]
I don't need no niggas no, no, no
Niggas who got tell me whose who
Bitches who got tell me whose new
No, no, no, no
Oh 'its getting heated on this cold stove
We could do the feature, its gon' cost tho
I'm not Pun or Biggie, I'm colossal
Oh, where my bitches at?
Where my bitches at?
I need all you back (x3)
Scrolling down my phone (x3)
Searching for y'all, you know I'm a dog
And I got them on the pedigree
The boy finna blow, TNT
Presidential status on that ANC
Dog I need me carats that they ain’t see
Oh no, oh no
Need me something flashy for these photos
Love my women classy speaking Porto
Drink my Henny dashless on the rocks though
My road to riches is a one way
She still had me driving out to Fourways
Straight out the 1-6 for foreplay
And I know that small talk's your forte
Okay, I'm on the road
Digging for some diamonds in the city of the gold
Hardly on the greens but I'm always on the go
Hardly ever seen with some niggas I don’t know

[Hook: Frank Casino]

[Verse 3: Frank Casino]
Flow switch, inspiration for the ones that I grew up with
See Speedy lit the flame and I blew up shit
If you don't know you might assume that I blew up quick
Man I can't quit, man I came quick
Right on time for the city
Put the boys in my will man they ride with me
I'm going live for the times they would die with me
Drink it all don't you worry if you need a kidney
Big time
The guys tell me that they've heard me through the grapevine
They all phoney I don't let them hit my phone line
The deals coming I'm assuming that's a great sign
Riky co-sign
Got me blue ticks, I guess now I'm verified
My decisions ain't made for them to decide
The days paid off, nothing here is overnight
Tell my niggas buckle up
Prepare for a good life