Just Before The Riches

Yeah… ah…. East side yeah, yeah

Just before the riches
Having visions of the life I need to witness, tell me are you with this?
I need a house same amount as my wrist is (x2)

[Verse 1]
I’ve been mobbing!
Mobbing like a villain
Brown paper bags cover bottles that we’re spilling
F** your feelings, that’s just how we’re feeling
Jo’burg that’s my city, that’s the city that I sin in
These women, got me feeling vodka crazy
Man I’m just a 90s baby I ain’t ready for no baby
But I will take a Mercedes, if not the E30
Then we ride through 16 thirty, you know nigga that’s the dirty
Where niggas chief, straight out of the east
We ain’t looking for no war but if so they got the peace
Rollin deep while rollin deep, listening to mobb deep
Ain’t no telling what’s gon happen when the liquor is all in me


[Verse 2]
That’s when you know I got the crew
Man I got my timberlands, you f** with me you get the boot
Disturb the peace then chuck the deuce
My niggas got some trees, man I swear it’s in their roots
Sippin old whiskey getting wasted in our youth
Lying to ourselves that’s the truth
My city going big we got the Juice