Dead Bodies (War Ready Freestyle)

1618 (x2)
My ambition as a rider!
All I see is dead bodies, dead bodies

All I see is dead bodies, dead bodies
If your homie is a rapper then he'll probably meet my clapper
Myself Mr Dapper the original master
Full of wrath no laughter in my story first chapter
He's a dead body, dead body
It's been like this ever since adolescent
Premeditated murder, we ain't never stressing
I'm more of a blessing to this local hip hop that's gon' be the best thing
Coz Ima be there buddy, there buddy
It's just bad luck for some of you niggas Ima make you stick up
Then pull that trigger then leave some
Dead bodies, dead bodies
And we ain't never stressing over bitches
This Dapper gang just before the riches
You can't even tell the difference
Now go tell err'body, err'body, DG murder Ink
And Frank Cino's Irv Gotti, Irv Gotti
And I'm flowing till the ship sink
Until I'm a dead body, dead body
Which I highly doubt, benefit from benefits
No benefit of doubt
POV is MOB, I doubt you'll see a spouse
On my couch I disagree but if it's head I DDT
Back to the topic, Ima' kill the game and make me profit
Nigga that's what I prophet as the guru!
The aggression of a Zulu
DG!, nigga, nigga whoop! whoop!
Aiming for success, nigga shoot! shoot!
Every member of the team present, no loop
Treat your head like coupe, nigga no roof
Numbers don't lie 1618 where my niggas all reside
And we ride till we die 1632! 1632!
Just before the riches, Dreams on fire
You don't know me yet, growing pains boy better cheque
The camera is always rolling, nigga meet my set
Nigga this what we do, gully pretty niggas telling ya'll the ugly truth
Everything we do is either now or soon
All these fly boys considered as doomed
Too dope for this rap shit, DG, dopeboy, tycoon

All I see is dead bodies (x4)
Dead bodies

Then we pull up in a big body
Call my nigga Phindu in a vintage bullet proof, incase nigga wanna shoot
That 740
All my niggas turned goon say Cino call me soon incase niggas wanna goon
We can get rowdy
Give your whip a new emblem, have circles on that shit make you love new shit
Like the car Audi