Toe Vind Ek Jou

I lay my weapons down
Tonight for the first time
I see myself in your eyes
I know I've lost this fight
I stare at the blood on my hands
I know that I have changed
You think I'm just taliking again
I love you
I swear

No pretense no control

Outside, the voices that roar with laughter
Friends that greet, "See you later"
Everyone finds their way
I know so should I my dear

Hey, my sweet
Hey, my baby
You're my refuge
Never want to make you cry
You're my song
You're my melody
We have a dog
We have a little home

I have given enough
I have shouted enough
I learnt my lesson long ago
And still I tried
Fled like a traitor
From what holds me fast
There where monsters in the dark
And then I found you
I swear

No pretense no control