The other night you were all alone
Thats when you called me on the telephone
You said you wanna see me
That we should watch some tv
I could've guessed, yeah
I should've have known
So I lay down on your christmas bed
You needed somewhere soft to rest your head
Then things got really hot
So we gave it a shot
We both agreed that we'd just be friends

They say you really need somebody
To take away the feeling of lonely
Somebody to touch your body
And give you a little love
Well if you really wanna be my lover
You got to give me loving like no other
We gon be burning it up all night

That sunday night I was out of love
Thats when I saw you at the bowling club
You said that we were just friends
And now I'm with a new friend
You threw a punch
Tried to beat him up
Can I remind you, of what you said
When we were lying on your christmas bed
I said I had another
That you were just a lover
We cant pretend that it didn't end

[Chorus x2]