His journey into life began on October 17, 1977, in the dusty streets of Orlando West – to his proud parents he became Nkululeko Habedi.
At this time Flabba knew nothing on the hardcore life of the streets, until he moved to Alexandra to live with his parents.
In 1996 he met up with fellow Skwatta, Musa Molefe (Nish) and he in turn introduced him to Siyabonga (Slikour) and Lebogang (Sugasmaxx).
This is when they started rapping and in their quest for a record deal met up with Sizwe Zako of label.
But this did not do much for their rapping. At that time most label execs saw this “rapping thang” as too American with kwaito and gospel being the only happening genres locally.
Armed with what they learnt about the music business, they moved on.
It was in 1997 that the group came into existence, as the 7 Skwatta-Kampers , with the introduction of 3 others members

His debut album titled, Nkuli versus Flabba (greatest hits), released through CCP/EMI Flabba worked with Mzansi's finest producers and M C'ees
Artists who graced him with their lyrical and vocal prowess included Hip Hop Pantsula, Lira (2), Kabomo, Bravo, Relo and Max-Hoba.

Flabba has represented Mzansi in other parts of the world, he got to share the stage with internationally acclaimed artists like Will Smith, Snoop Dog and has the fortune of working with Ludacris, to name just a few.
And he along with his crew are famously known for turning down the opportunity of working with US RnB crooner, which they did not see as much of an opportunity.