Ghetto Preach

[VERSE 1:]
I came from a ghetto motif
Actually fed up of these feds I'm a rebel indeed
Slackin and sellin moralities in a battle of beefin avenue
Never new I'm a king till i rapped on a beat
Cats cannot battle a Gee»
That's not a relevant thing to say when you barely esteemed
I guess you could never be me
barely a veteran Dee
You lackin a tad of belief
Im packin and packin the heat
Im like a solar eclipse, blockin the sun on my come up
I got lyrical bullets they call me eNKay the gunner
Shit is mistaken for hunger
But its okay im shunner—
(I meant sinner)

Motherfucker stay on your mental state
And don't you give a damn what these fucking haters say..
Just do you, you could never go wrong
If you need some motivation you could listen to this song but..
It's not a promise that I'll always be there
But i promise if i judge that i will always be fair

[VERSE 2:]
I got a couple niggas in the hood,
Wishin they'd get out the hood
They been in the spot like forever, they can even move
That's why i made that promise, i said i would do it for you
So im tryin hustle all this money I'm payin my dues»

So i came to shoot,
And i came with you
We came from great heights,
Never change the view
We fight the great fight,
And we ain't goin lose
Blood on the canvas,
So i paint the truth»
Because the world has been hidin it from you,
They afraid of what you'll do– they afraid of us the youth
See my weapon is the booth, plenty weapons you can choose
Greatest weapon is the book,
Sh*t can make you get the moon»
Or whatever else you choose, so don't procrastinate just take the pen and paper make a move nigga