Ya Cursing

Ya Cursing

Eli Mac Z.A

Caught Mac Dreaming [Mixtape] (2018)



Bitch you cursing(ya cursing,skrrt)
Things that you wanna do me
I say fuck you (fuck you,skrrt)
You cursing (I am)
I am a cheater,you're random(damn)
I am a trapper,you're a hater
You heard me , You hear me
I am a bad bitch curser
She is a curser
She said she fuck with fame
You cursing,when i try to blow a cash
I said curse

[Verse 1]

I didn't wanna crush
And i still don't wanna crush
Then we pay without a cash
Some of the niggers still wanna hear trash
She said i fuck with a reacher
When i look back i lost an angel
Some knows i am a rapper
Some niggers wanna copy but they are deeper
These niggers got it but they are cantankerous