Blessings Blessings
Lord please give something to me
Blessings Blessings
Lord please give something to me
wanna make mom proud X2
wanna see homies smile too
Like blessings blessings

Verse 1
I know struggle like i know my self
Started solo now i got a fam
I use to starve now m feeling cool
I been praying for long time but nothing coming to my way
Use to pray for a good times but everything hasnt change
Use to run as solo man now m hustling out there with squad
I can drop any two lines then elavate to the next stage
Pray to god about blessings can you hear me lord m trna make it
Give me bag Give me all that cheese
Gotta get it for my family
put food on the table
Gotta do it for the whole squad
Gotta make it for my own hood
This is the shit i use to dream about
Yeah man m just do it
I been struggling for blessings can you bless me lord m just young dude


Verse 2

Aint gonna stop till i get the cheese
Gotta do it till it pay my bills
Tell em boys can you pour milk
int sipping medication now like dont loose your your focus
Curse Curse whats that shit
Need bunch of blessings cause Rough days keep on coming back
Dark days dont seem to end
I been hustling for couple years but everything is still the same
Think about quiting this shit but imma pull up with the whole squad
Get the bag the change the game
I dropped freestyle people showed me love
Here is the blessings prayer to my god