money bag remix

money bag remix (Prod. by DY kiid)

DY kiid ft sewa

my struggle


under the bridge nigga
(sewa, hook)
i tell that niggas to come to me im flexing for no reason
i got cheese you got the meal,lets make some pizza
i turn 100 to 200 i guess my numbers are equal
i dont give a hit,when i never pull up like diesel
(hook,dy kiid)
i got the money in bagx8
(verse dy kiid)
i wanna feel the bag
i want your bitch beg it
i wanna buy that benz
i dont tip tacky
i don't dream bags
i got lot of bags
i got lot of checks
i gotta read em bags
i wanna kimkadesh yeah i wanna buy her panty

wait for full song on Saturday