money bag

money bag (Prod. by series)

DY kiid

my struggle

under the bridge nigga
i got the money back
i did it,i thank my lord
i didn't buy that hoe
i won,win a game,i hit a mill rock, i wanna dance nayi walk, i wanna feel leyi hoe, got the money bad
i got the money backx8
i wanna feel bag,i want your beg it, i wanna buy that benz, i don't tip tacky,i don't dream bags, i got em lot of bags,i got em lot of checks,i gotta read em bags
i wanna kimkadesh ,yeah, i wanna buy her panty
i wanna be in the bag yeah i wanna feel the bang
i got the money and bae yeah i wanna be in the bed
im fucking your bitch in bed yeah she wanna beat that bag
i got the big plate yeah i wanna hit em gang
im dripping,earn the big birds, yeah i wanna feel em birds
whipping em bars and stack yeah i got em gucci bags
im tripping in the middle bat ,yeah,i wanna kill the game
i got the money back, i got em lot of beef, i got em lot of hates
i wanna buy that bands
i catch your boo in a stash, tripping in the main event
i got your bitch beg, stripping in the middle bad
dy, got money dy, dy i got your bitch
dy i got a sauce dy i got the fleek
dy i got the kids dy dy i got a wife
turn around and see dy i just bought a house
i bought that car for mom i didn't wait for tito bowen
im about to thank the lord, im on the way my nigga u hate it
you gotta work for me, i got you broke my nigga lazy
i gotta win it they hurts,loop,my niggas the working in debt
you buy that bird for loan, I'll tell that bitch my nigga you lied
im on moon, rate, i got them beans my nigga you wrap
bitch never had a job i got the money my niggas they hate it
i got the money back yeahh, sipping the beer im block
i bought that dinner for kids , i got the brain u know kids
i called that beef, no whip,i tell my mom no whip
i got the Bentley, friend, bitch, i got the Bentley, friend
i got the war in wall , bitch, i got the war in wall