im sorry

im sorry (Prod. by nico on the beat)

DY kiid

my struggle


yeah,dy,yep,trap man,yep,dy kiid
mama im sorry (mama im sorry)x8
40, em beast (loved montana
i could in danger( like montana
mama im bad (like montana
im smoking drugs(in Hannah montana
i didn't know(it was your cash
i done give (all the friends
i done share it (with the bitch
i done stole (mama im sorry
mama im sorry (mama im sorry)x8
i fucked that bitch alone,i cooked that bitch my nigga"alone(cook)
im living in a mansion ,i loan , i trap,my nigga got fucking malone (trap)
i park it up, i peck that bitch, i whip that bitch my nigga" i loan
i woke it up, flogging,know Nino im back in the game my nigga for key

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