chick (Prod. by series)

DY kiid

my struggle


(introl )
series by the way, under the bridge nigga
im in love with your chick boy(in love with your)
i take your chick,take your chick boy(talk with your chick)
you don't know what to do boy(know what to do)
i get your life up,get your life up boy(go and get your life )
everydance im with your chick boy(i dance with your chick)
every day im with your chick boy(i stay with your chick)
i get the money i take your chick boy(i do get the money)
im in love with your chick boy(in love with your chick)
everybody wanna see me with your bitch
i take your b, i take your b,i got em keys
i get your life up, i get your life up,i get your oouu
lemme dance with em bitchs,i heard a dance
you gotta sieze i got a six gals
i got the money then i take gals
i got the gal that you trust boy
you better die with that stress boy
i got chanel,i got chanel,i got the vibe
check my jeans everyday i got my own
you I'll be sleeping everyday you don't work
I'll be dreaming with your chick everyday
(verse 2)
imma dab,dab,dab,overdose
imma drip it ,drip it, drip it, ohh my god
imma put shave, shave,shave,on her road
i get your likes, i get your likes, i have a nike
i have a dance with that girl every night
i got you whipping everyday, i got you broke
i got your girl, i buy her phone what her want?
I'll be working everyday with the woke
gucci gang,gucci gang, pull that gay
im a nigga with the money i got your girl
she can't wait for your motherfucking games
I'll be done with that chick like mandela