Protect Us

Verse 1
Clef Dizzle on the mix
Hail to the king
And Lords of lords
Croc city's finest
May he protect us
From the evil
Hail to the king
Lords of lords
May he protect us
From evil

Eye don tear
Election don near, people don dey disappear
Abi you no hear
Where dem blood suckers at weh dey share soap
All these dirty politicians better let go
We be tryna make a living out the mess
They be getting fraud money and be using all the press
Bullet proof maybach they be cutting all the checks
My money lean and im feeling all depressed
There’s no means to invest in the poor
Its Dulagash and im shaking the core
They pay the same poor people to start a war
Its croc city and im feeling the pain
Religious war got the streets insane
Every stanz don change
We better get it right cos the plans don change
Im laid back, all black getting doe with my homies
Raised by the streets so I chose to move wisely
Words of advice for its time to keep fighting

Verse 2
Im sitting reminiscing bout the way the masses feel
Young kids slanging on the corner tryna make a mill
Poverty stricken…welcome to hell’s kitchen
Every time i meditate
I see the talent of my people that’s been left to waist
A young nation on the rise so better contemplate
I sing a song
Drop words that can ring along
We on the run
No turns as we get it on
We make it burn Aye
All this envy and debate brings nothing but the hate
There’s no money on the plate
Only crumbs from the cake
And we gats to get a grip of the main pipe
Oil money fast money ery day and night
We gotta learn fast
We gotta turn cash
We gotta make it
Bro we gotta face facts
Im attached to the life the on the streets
So you can watch I me as I murder the beat

Verse 3
Dear lord protect my soul
Im reading in between the lines but my eyes is closed
Im on a different road tryna make my goal
All these dirty Politian’s wanna take my soul
They misguiding the youth and never tell them the truth
On how to work, get money elevate
Get paper on a plate