Pray For Me [intro]

Pray For Me [intro] (Prod. by Wonkariolis)


As The Journey Begins (2020)

As the journey begins I say my prayers (Amen)
This road I'm taking aint no easy I know that
a lot have tried but sadly then they gave up (Uh)
Bitch I got a heart of a lion obviously I'm brave enough
Ready for whatever
Lotta rappers in every neighborhood but I'm still my
only competition
Opposition need to do more than just pulling up their socks (yeah)
I jump onto beats the way my bitch jumps into conclusions when
she sees me with another bitch
Married to the game I walk around with my ring cause I'm proud
and I'm faithful
Cause I'm proud and I'm faithful
Fuck a chorus and a hook I can drop verses all day,
chilling on the sofa sipping Bombay.