Positivity [Outro]

Positivity [Outro] (Prod. by Wonkariolis)


As The Journey Begins (2020)

Positive energy till infinity
Yes I said that shit with dignity
Spitefully shitting on niggas who be doubting me
yeah, Rap Game Bruce Lee
Purposely bruising all these beats
They aint left me with a choice but to kick
the door down
Kicked the door down, now I'm a dog off the leash
Making all yall niggas bitches disappear from the club
She broke my heart thougt I was dead, then I resurrected
Bitch I'm back again, telling every girl she the only one
Got em relating to every song of Ella Mai
Married to the Game
but crushing on the money, I might commit polygamy
Bout to fuck shit up yeah pardon me
If I gotta do it by myself imma do it anyway.
middle finger up, oops I mean middle fingers up
that's the new me
bitch I'm proud of me.
(Yeah yeah bitch I'm proud of me, uhh bitch I'm proud of me)

we don't fuck with you (uhh uhhh)
we don't fuck with you (uhh uhhh)

Why the negativity (why the negativity)
Don't you see we trynna eat? ( don't you see we trynna eat?)
Don't wear my heart on my sleeve (never do that shit)
Your raps talking gibberish (yeah yeah)