Just a freestyle

Just a freestyle (Prod. by Wonkariolis)


As The Journey Begins (2020)

Told Ozzy let me pull up to the studio
Now studio looking like a graveyard sight
I came at night, dropped bodies everywhere (dodododo)
I'm aware everything happens for a reason why you think
I'm here (why)
Its pretty clear (its pretty clear)
Lets be honest, Lets be straight some of you niggas
here cause of peer pressure
Talk about pressure
I apply it ( I apply it)
No sugar coating ( no sugar coating)
I heard your tracks (damn)
atleast you tried your best
Come to me ( woza khimi)
Add some taste (add some taste)
I got the sauce yeah (shhesh sheesh)
The remedy
I marinate it,
I finesse it ( I finesse it)
After checks yeah ( checks yeah)
Bitch I run it
where you going (uyaphi)
To the top baby
do not worry bout me, I just do my thing
I just pop my shit
Only on both my knees ( sheeshh sheesh)
when I'm probably
I mean obviously when I'm praying
Its a evil world gotta stay protected ( protected)
On a different cloud gotta stay projected (projected)
so I might bounce to Mk's house for The Plug (skrrrrrrrrrrrr)