Great and mighty God
Creator of all things
You made me just like you
That I may reign and rule I was born to be a king
Destined to only win
And I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me

For there is greatness in me I am royalty
Speaking authority and things happen
My words are his and his words I speak
They've got the power to make seasons change
You made me a king, you made me royalty

For I am made in his image, after his likeness
To have dominion over all things and I'm a royal priesthood
Yes I am seated in heavenly places
I'm royalty

He gave me all power
I've got his wisdom
Filled with his spirit I know all things
And he called me to rule
Yes I am seated in heavenly places, I'm royalty

I'm a king (I am a king)
I'm royalty
I'm king, seated in heavenly places