Luv Ain't Enough

Luv Ain't Enough


#LUV (2019)


Verse 1
My nikkas used to say she that she was the one for me, cos they could see the love in her eyes when she talk to me, she used to always put up with my old cheating ways, that's part of the reason I'm still caught up in the lovers prey, so what I'm tryana say, I'm still caught in emotions, even after years separated with no connections, I still get the her message and get the affection, sometimes when I see her face I still feel the attraction, I'm no fool to think this thing is one sided, but if it is, I can't handle mine is on auto pilot. I'm not naive even to try talk about her feelings, I'll keep it real and just tell you bout the way I'm feeling.

Now baby girl i love i know you love me too, but our alone love ain't enough to see through

See the memories, are whats keeping me attached to the feelings and really what it used to be, so I'd rather dwell, to the well of high emotions and the rollercoaster, girl I can't help but fell, vic-tim, even after years you still part of my system, like a fiend man looking for a fix and, my heart's still broken and it needs some fixing. And it seems like girl you the only mechanic, Pardon this complex writing that I am using here, but I'd would love us to vibe if we really can, I'm not naive even, to try and force things, I'll keep it real and just tell you bout the way I'm feeling.


I feel like now is the time for me to let go, but I'm never gon deny the love I have for you, we tried way too many times, even the times we weren't trying our hearts kept the hope alive, so now I'm dead'ing the thought, switching the machines off, giving you blessings, our respective partners need our love and affection not these loose attachments. That we keep on having, if it could happen we could erase all the memories as lovers, delete all those moments we shared and all the hours, but here's a glass of wine, you can still come to my crib but this time as a friend of mine