Just Wait

Just Wait


#LUV (2019)

Verse 1
Patience is virtue, cos all the rewards are wonderful, patience is love, now let me show you what it could do, they say the good things in life are therapeutic and free, but we want the stress and the life and they come at a fee. So at the moment my bank account is at nil, ideas would be worth a bil, that would never settle the bills, by the societal norms I'm not the man of your dreams, cos i can't afford to take you out for a date or a spree...

So Just wait, put your feet up on gas and just pace, practice patience on your way to being great. Just close your eyes and picture us on vacation, sun bathing tanqauray shit. Hennessey. So just wait...

Love is beautiful, coming from those surrounding you, might make no sense but let me paint you my point from point of few, i know its hard when you poverty stricken, part of the reason some girls will never settle for a man with a vision, they want security before building a family hence they'd rather sleep around with lotta men for gratutity. So with little piece, I'm giving you all the keys so yocan unlock your happiness and you don't need a fee.