Dj Merlon

ibusiso Mhlongo famously known as the music luminary DJ Merlon was born 28 years ago
on the 7th day of August at Umbumbulu, a mission under eThekwini Municipality.
Technically gifted and ambitious with his education he moved to Esikhawini Township in
Zululand where he matriculated at Hlamvana High School. His passion for Music began
when he started his Tertiary Education in 2002 at the Durban University of Technology.
From then on his life was never quite the same; this musical prodigy was destined for great
things. He graduate getting his Operations/ Production Management Diploma in 2005.
Later that year (2005), DJ Merlon joined forces and went on to assist ZakesBANTWINI when
he started his Music label, Mayonie Production. In that midst, Mayonie Productions
discovered and signed Lvovo Derrango early in 2006 and Merlon become his Tour Manager,
DJ and opening Act. During his time at Mayonie Productions DJ Merlon was presented with
an exclusive opportunity, he was one of the people whom were in the forefront in the
making of Lvovo Derrango’s first studio album. This opportunity led him to work closely with
a group called Shana (Shota, Demor and BlackCoffee). In 2007 parallel to his DJ career he
became an Artist Manager for Lvovo Derrango and Later for all Mayonie Productions Artists
including Zakes Bantwini, Beezory and the late DJ Buddah.
In 2008 he left Mayonie Productions to focus and develop his DJ career, a month later Lvovo
Derrango also left Mayonie Productions to start his own label Derrango Records and signed
DJ Merlon as his first artist. This was yet another promising opportunity for the multitalented
Disc Jockey. However; it was not all smiles and gloom, with Lvovo busy with his
booming and the promising Kwaito career, DJ Merlon was left with no choice but to go back
into the office, he then multi tasked between being a DJ and a label manager for Derrango
Records. During this time he used this opportunity to further develop his DJ skills playing
before/ after Lvovo’s performance in all the gigs they attended, including the international
performances/ stages in England, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and also in all
nine provinces locally, slowly DJ Merlon’s brand was growing and with immense potential,
indeed greater things were on the way.
In 2010, Merlon joined forces with Mthokozi “DJ Tira” Khathi on the release of Lvovo’s 4th
offering “Irresistible”, both of them as executive producers to the project.
Flash-forward to 2011 DJ Merlon developed his DJ brand and became one of the most
sought after DJ’s in Durban and the entire KwaZulu Natal Province and other provinces, he
was no longer just a DJ, he was a well-recognised and respected brand among promoters
and event organisers.
2012 was a stepping stone for this house music sensation; besides being an executive
producer to Lvovo Derrango’s “The Head Master” album, he started working on his first
musical offering, his very own project titled “Sounds musical” which is now released and
available in all good music stores. To guarantee success of this album nationally Derrango
Records joined forces with Music Box Entertainment owned by the popular DJ Terence.
Together they sealed a deal for a star DJ with Soul Candi now known as Music
Entertainment and Solution Hub (MESH). With this album Merlon wanted to unleash new
talent, working with local underground Vocalists such as Lwazi, Ndu Shezi, Bevan Lynch and
Monaco. However, with all his references he did work with some of the big names as well
such as DJ Terence, Lvovo Derrango, Moneoa and Mondli Ngcobo and well recognised
producers including Invaders of Africa, Pex Africa, Mondli Ngcobo and Unplugged.
Over the years he has played alongside and shared stages with internationally recognised
and musical influences such as BlackCoffee (Soulistic Music), Ralf gum (GOGO-Music),
Rocco, Oskido, Fistaz and DJ Fresh.
Besides being a DJ, Merlon has also coordinated and managed a number of events for
tertiary institutions, private sector and government departments around the country. In
these events he has also booked and worked with a number of high ranking artists and
What makes him unique as a DJ is his vocal house sound, continuously improving skills and
techniques when he entertained crowds all over the country and very soon the world.
Indeed with so much talent, focus and skill, DJ Merlon is the next Big name to ever come out
of the South African Music industry.



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