The Weekent

Easily one of the most anticipated albums by an urban house artist, DJ Kent’s The Weekent is finally here! The long wait was worth it, as its evident Kent certainly needed the time to put it all together. The Weekent is a three CD, 32-track album cleverly named Friday, Saturday and Sunday rather than the usual Disc 1, Disc 2 etc. The days not only serve as labels for each disc but also give an idea of what mood to expect from each one of them. ‘Friday’ sets the pace with 12 of Kent’s latest productions. Fans will quickly pick out the popular Sunrise, Spin My World Around and Top of The World but ‘Friday’ also has some other great songs like Dia De Sol featuring guitar legend Jimmy Dludlu and No One with Thiwe. ‘Saturday’ will probably be the most popular disc of the three as it sees Kent in his true form, Ultimixing. The disc offers a 54-minute Ultimix that features some of Kent’s older productions making an appearance and surprisingly kicks off with the Culoe De Song remix of Sunrise. The last disc, ‘Sunday’, is a much more mellow affair and is purely lounge beats and laid back versions of Kent’s productions. All in all The Weekent is a great project from DJ Kent.


# Title Length
1 Breeze 6:19
6 Spin my world around 6:48
8 Vertigo 7:22
9 Top of the world 4:11
16 Love Is Just A Dream 6:39