Dj KayGo

26 year old Kgotso Tsagae, also known as Dj Kaygo, is #OneToWatch. Born and raised in the streets of Soweto, he has managed to work on the biggest stages of Hip Hop and has finally unleashed an extra talent in his music hat as a co-producer. With over three years in the industry, KayGo has played at almost all major events in Gauteng and is commonly known for his group with industry colleagues, Dj Sliqe as well as DJ Radix, formally known as “KRS”.

The newest DJ in the game is set to debut his FIRST single ft Durban trio – DREAMTEAM and TRIBAL. Cheques is a song about finally making it and being able to get cheques or an income. When one is on the come up, the income is very little and close to nothing. Being at a place where one can afford to provide for family and all the important people, is the gist or life and the core of the song. Be sure to keep your ears and eyes opened, as this club banger launches on Tuesday, the 19th of July 2016!



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