House Grooves 8

The album has been out for a while now and if you didn’t know, where have you been? Ok, let me be fair if you know Xigubu and Be There from this hit album we can forgive you. The album is “spectacular” just to put it in one word, because we have so much to say about the matter we will just carry on.
The album has a lot of big name collaborations like Fiesta Black, Big Nuz and Leanne Kistan just to name a few. Every single song has a unique feel about it, an inconsistent sound to the album, don’t get me wrong that’s a good thing because it gives you a chance to choose a song according to your mood. Overall if you are in a get up and dance mood or just prepping yourself up for a night out, this whole album will surely get you there.


# Title Length
1 Xigubu 5:23
2 Be There 7:04