Dj Ganyani

Fredericks ''DJ Ganyani'' Tshabalala, born on the 19th of January 1969, is a founder and chief executive officer of Ganyani Entertainment, a focused music operation and equipment company that has an established urban and contemporary pop and house collection.Ganyani has achieved renowned recognition and respect for his mixing flair at most of the hottest nightclubs, taverns, institutions, football matches involving national soccer teams and private gigs in and around the whole world; he has become a household name particularly amongst the youth not only in South Africa but in the SADC region, particularly Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana.His world wide appeal was noticed by the SABC 1 in 2001 and he was invited to help broaden their Simunye brand appeal to the youth by putting together two albums for two years called Simunye House Grooves Vol. 1 and 2 respectively. He achieved a lot since then and also received a gold disc award for his efforts.

In 2002 Ganyani was honoured for his exceptional skills by Castle Loud and given an Achievers Award. He has played alongside big names like, Little Louie Vega,Dj Tira, Vinnie, Glen Lewis, T-Boze, Aldrin Mokgotsi, Oskido and many others.To-date, Ganyani has produced a total of more than 8 ‘hit’ albums; These albums include Ganyani House grooves 1 up to number 8 which is his latest offering. He also released the Family project's First gathering album early last year. He has also made collaboration projects with Big Nuz, the most recognised group.Ganyani is a DJ of choice for Orlando Pirates F.C. and the South African Football Association. He has tutored, mentored and inspired the likes of Khabzela, DJ Mbuso,Dj Clock, DJ Bradley, DJ Slender also the ever popular Fiesta Black and Mlu...



House Grooves 8

House Grooves 9

Ganyani's House Grooves 10