Dj Citi Lyts

Soweto brewed hip-hop DJ & rapper Sandile Nkululeko Mkhize aka DJ Citi lyts is a great testament to building from the ground up.

City Lyts discovered his love for rap music at Yoeville Primary School as he participated in school activities such as Hip Hop & Pantsula dance groups and also partaking in the school choir. In high school he formed a hip-hop group called Flipside. This kicked off his career with performances at club events such as BlackOrchard and Club Keys.

Citi Lyts rst opportunity to DJ was when met hip-hop artist F Eezy and worked with him as a DJ and hype man. He later went on to work with his brother Pro- Kid which assisted in further building on his skills as a DJ.

It was his music circle of friends that led him to meet and work with the producer behind SA biggest song Roll-up, - “Ruff” and the award-winning artist Emtee Da Hustler -, that his career catapulted putting a spot light on him as one of SA DJ’s to watch-out for.



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