So What?

[Intro: Ninja]
Yo Hi-Tek, let's fuck around with some of that feel good gangsta shit

[Hook: Ninja]
I been rapping for 20 fucking years
A whole lot of fucking blood sweat and tears
Who cares they don't give a fuck
On the mic I'm taking no prisoners

[Hook: Yo-Landi Vi$$er]
Check me out... yo yo
So what if I'm only coming in the game?
So what I'm in it for the cash, money and the fame?
So what I'm better than you and it's fucking up your brain?
Yo-Landi Visser is the shit up in this bitch

[Verse1: Ninja]
I rapped for 20 years, never made a cent
Borrowed money from my mom to pay the rent
Now how I'm gonna get out this mess?
Yolandi shows me two stripes on the fucking piss test
Oh fuck, broke ass Ninja gonna be a daddy
Little baby Ninja gonna need some nappies
Gave it my best shot, never pressed stop
Thank god die moederfokken Antwoord went pop

[Verse2: Yo-Landi Vi$$er]
Got a million fucking dollars in the bank
Then I converted all my dollars into rands
That equalled seven million rands in the bank
Not too shitty, fuck you Jimmy, I'mma never give it back
Dont worry Ninja, I'm gonna make you proud
I'm here to work, I'm not here to fuck around. (is ja)
I'm your special little cherry on the top
I'mma keep it very fucking hot and I'm never gonna flop


[Hook: Yo-Landi Vi$$er]
So what I fly around the whole world getting paid?
So what I smoke weed all day every day?
So what I tell truth even when I tell a lie
I get very red in the eye when I'm getting high

[Verse3: Ninja]
I got a record deal in the overseas
So excited that I couldn't go to sleep
They wanted my soul so I sold it for a fee
When they dropped the album everyone downloaded it for free

[Verse4: Yo-Landi Vi$$er]
In the overseas they think I'm the shizzle
In South Africa they think I'm a criminal
(Little girl show me your ID)
I don't like the drugs but the drugs sure like me!

[Verse5: Ninja]
Ninja fuckin' ugly on the skin
But Ninja very lovely from within
I'm serious but I also need a bit of fun
So Ninja likes the girls who let him stick his penis up their bum

[Yo-Landi Vi$$er]
Ek gooi 'n fokken 2-7 in die lug
Ek slat jou met my fokken piel in jou gesig
[Yo-Landi Vi$$er]
I'm the fuckin ultimate I can't lose
Klap 'n vet moderfokken zol nou's jy's confused


[Hook: Yo-Landi Vi$$er]
So what my teachers at school tell me I would never hack it
So what I'm like a full-blown marijuana addict?
So what I'm not the freshest fuckin rapper on the planet?
It's a South Africa thing you wouldn't understand it

[Verse 6: Ninja]
You're chilling in your room bored all alone
Now you're flipping through porn on your phone
Start jerking off, 'bout to bust a nut
When your mom walks in the room, Jesus what the fuck?
Life is crazy, yo it doesn't make sense

[Yo-Landi Vi$$er]
I'm here to make money, not to make friends

I used to hustle like a fucking dwankie just to pay the rent

[Yo-Landi Vi$$er]
Nowadays when I check my balance at the ATM I go
Oh my god! Oh oh my god!
Oh my god! Oh oh my god!
Oh my god! Oh oh my god!

Geld my boetie

I'm so hot right now

I need a ice tea
Shit Hi Tek, this motherfucking beat is nasty

I'm so hot right now

The girlies go pssst I'm so hot
Touch my face and go tssst

[Outro: Yo-Landi Vi$$er, Ninja]
I'm so hot right now (Yo-landi Visser)
I'm so hot right now (DJ Hi Tek)
I'm so hot right now (Zefside Ninja)
I'm so hot right now (Die fokken Antwoord)
I'm so hot right now (Neill Blomkamp)
I'm so hot right now (Tony Ciulla)
I'm so hot right now (Show me the moolah)
I'm so hot right now
Yo motherfucker so what?