Dewald Wasserfall

Writing songs is in his blood. At the young age of 12 Dewald already wrote his first song. After matriculating, he took his talent to the former Pretoria Technikon and his general competence further honed by obtaining a diploma in entertainment technology.

Doubly qualified, both on paper and sheer talent, he led the next four years his group Wasserfall, and two albums, including the hits "Sugar" and "All About Me", released - as he wrote songs for some of South Africa's biggest stars, like Jay, Caroline van Jaarsveld, Bok van Blerk and Lianie May. "My biggest enemy is myself," he laughs. "I can not sit still. When I do not sleep, I hollow around and add preferably new ideas and colors with me progressive music making."

Since 2010 building Dewald to a successful solo career. This perfectionist, professional to the marrow when, two years his long-awaited solo debut, 2012's Forget What You Know Love, along with fellow writers and contemporaries Johan Vorster and Ewald Coleske worked. Both the title track, "Forget What You Know Love" and the second single, "Someday When We Are Great" the number 1 position on various radio stations reach across the country.

Between live performances Dewald already beginning to devote his creativity to the draft for its next chapter in audio, which will see the light in 2014. "I am now very focused on my own material," he says. "So much so that I pruned at the time I spend to write with friends and fellow artists, and in the last time before that energy into my own work trying plowing." And a little selfish to be seems to make him more in the process generous - she finds appreciative fans after all benefit.

Forget What You Know Love is lyrical and melodic loaded rich, and still attracts new fans every time when Dewald tackle the long road with his music. A bonus for old fans is the inclusion of the live favorite, "My Heart's Famine" on the album. Karlien van Jaarsveld also added her voice to the essential applouswekkende track, which they take a whole new level of enjoyment...