All about me

My heart is alive
I can't stay by your side
I've got to be on my way
Got to find my way

My heart is a blur
And damn, nothing is sure
I've got to find myself on the next train out of here

And realize
That these are real eyes
And these are real lies

I've been sitting by the roadside
Dreaming of a seaside
Next to you

And what a way to waste
I've been missing you for days
Never had myself a clue

But I know
I have to let you go
So why've you got to go and make it
All about me?

My heart is a lie
Nothing is black and white
I'd rather dance on this tightrope than run to you

And realize
That this is real life
And I'm on a real high

I spend my nights out on the ocean
And I spend my days out in the sun

You are the only one