Here we go
Here we go ooh (x2)
Girls like rockstars
Girls like rockstars(x2)

We kill it, they love it
We party even on a Monday
We come in, they jump in
One akundidhonza hanzi Munya huya hande
Rock boys, rock-chicks, make noise drop hits
'Cus thus what we here for
Munya in your headphone
Girl, we are bad boys here we


With my fellas behind me
We gut swagger yeah we ain't joking
Popping bottles all night yeah we are living the life
Now we killing on, living my life
Popping bottles all night
With them rockstars, yeah we going far
With them girls it ain't getting hard

LOOK! Sniek Jacks looking out through the window panes
Really wanna make girls happy na i see
Blazing off freakin out like the pizza man
Many girls loving me cause I'm so real
Girls wonder how the tolls ains old
I'm not slow to take the r&b diva out
But you can't bring every single one you meet home
Shally does prolly wanna get some ice
Callin the lean-do, the super, the models
Then I be the L-L, in my room leggo
She gut me looking crazy smelling that Liqlin lotion
You calling quits on me I can easily get another girl
Yeah, surmise I can beat the best
You catch me on the block with the truck cracker yeah
Going to the clubs and tripping them girls
The section looks so good, hot, cool
Man lemme stop


Girls like rockstars
Girls like rockstars(x2)
Yeah, Yeah