De Composer

De Composer , born Lolwethu Asange Dyasi is a talented music producer and song writer who was raised in a small disadvantaged township known As Robertson in the Western cape Province.

He received his calling to music back in 2010 when he was profoundly influenced by Hip Hop. He decided to try his hand at writing his own lyrics. His first song was recorded in 2010 which was titled ‘ndisikhokho’ which means ‘I’m the best’.

The Community liked what they heard and began to Support De Composer. He says of this, “Half my life I wanted to make music. Nothing else but music. I never saw myself becoming A Doctor, A Teacher Or Lawyer and therefore saw no reason to further my studies”.

In 2011 De Composer joined a music organization called GYT [Ghetto Youth Talent] GYT Was founded and co-owned by Producers and Dj’s from Zimbabwe. The GYT played a huge role in De Composer’s Music Life. It boosted his fan base dramatically. He started performing in different locations, meeting new people and collaborating with different artists.

In 2012 the record producers of GYT left the country and returned to Zimbabwe and sadly the GYT Music Organisation was shut down. “Things started to get difficult for me, says De Composer. I Struggled to get beats and struggled to get recording deals” . At the end Of 2012 De Composer Started to produce his own beats and learnt how to record music. “I watched tutorials on YouTube, organised sessions with qualified sound engineers and strived to improve with a lot of practice and dedication”

In 2013 De Composer turned his bedroom into a makeshift studio. He started producing for all the artists in his community and was fondly named The ‘KOR’ – ” King Of Recordings ”

From 2013 – 2014 De Composer didn’t release songs. He worked on mastering tweaking knobs to to improve his sound. In 2015 he finished matric and never pursued further due to his love & calling to music.

At the end of 2015 De Composer became a member of a movement Called ” Hip Hop Africa” which involved artists from all over Africa. ”

“After I Became A Member Of The Movement I Started Working With A Lot Of Artists In The Africa Continent, I Worked With Artists From Zimbabwe, Congo, Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi, Ghana And Nigeria.” says De Composer.

In 2016 De Composer made a song titled ‘Ungenza Ngijabule’ which later was remixed by Kingboss from Dish boys Records in Swaziland. The song went big on Swaziland streets and again it was remixed by Nkazy and Y-Shushi from Swaziland.

In 2017 he registered his studio as Heat Music Factory Pty LTD.

On the 14th of February 2017 he was featured by an underground Rap King from Swaziland, Emanzini, ‘Pro Hustler’. They did a Song titled ‘Senta Ka So’ which means ‘We Do It Like This’.

On the 15 February 2018 De Composer released an EP titled ‘The Hustle EP’. His journey to success had started. He began to do music for a living , living up to his dream. In 2018 De Composer relocated to Johannesburg.



The Hustle EP