Thabiso Brandon Njoko (born 20 June 1993), better known by his stage name, D_cider, is a singer, songwriter, rapper and Founder, Riska_D_Rollaz, Inc. He was born in eSwatini. He currently resides at Mankayane.

His music inspired by life situations between friends, family, and complete strangers and how life has unfolded for him in perspective. He self released his debut mixtape, Rapiary I, on the 28 May 2016.

Rapiary, a joint word for "Rap + Diary". He dropped his sophomore tape, Rapiary II, 31 December 2017. He is currently working on Mushroom Cloud EP, anticipated to drop in 2018.

He has collaborated with H.B.O Salute on a single titled, Your Time Is Up.
He dropped the single, Come Thru, with a follow up collaboration with Mackchezzy on a song titled "Dirty Money"