This Isn't The End

Verse 1:
Hey, I'm outta cost!
You wanna get down like you wanna know?
You want the bitter in to wanna stand?
I'm gonna show you what I'm gonna be.

I want the time, I want the fear, I want the walks, I want the beer.
I want you here, I want your time, I want you known, I want you mine.
I want it.

Chorus 1:
It's, like you go....
I, can't stand it no more.... (Ore.)

Verse 2:
Sometimes and, and all the time, you want the bass in, and I can whined.
And ally day, I can-de-wait, I'm gonna show you down, I can stay.

I want your time, I want the beats in, I want the door in, I love the hate.
I want it here, I want it you, I want, Matilda down show them how to bake.
I want the ones, I want the twos, I want the threes, uh-but the fours.
Forget the fives, and sixes.
I want the sevens and down to my eights.
I want it.
(I want it!)

Chorus 2:
Just, like you know.... (Uh-ooh....)
Stand, like it's the show....

Uh, uh, what you wanna do without my ten?
Forced amendment right now, you're one of them.
You think that this's the end?
People, think again!
I know you wanna get down with one on him.
People running clubs, wanna make amends.
People wanna get down like, my ten.
I just don't know what you wanna do.
Show your back like you're up in the new!

Pre-Chorus 1:
It's, not the gold....

Chorus 3:
I'm, letting you know....
Stand, like you wanna show....

You think, this's, not-not the end.
This isn't, nuh-no-no it isn't, the end.
Nuh-no-no, this isn't, the end.
Nuh-no-no, this's not, the end.
Nuh-no-no, this isn't, the end.
Nuh-no-no, it's not, the end.
Nuh-no-no, this isn't, the end.