[Verse 1: AKA]
How the fuck we go so hard
Working all goddamn day get no reward
Better get on your marks get set go, this dough take no days off
I put my plan in motion. Your swag is broken
These songs I’m making got this nation under mass hypnosis
Okay, we don’t fuck with you assholes, gassed up like Castrol
More stamps in my passport, that’s bad news like tabloids
Came up on that Death Row, West Coast, Bad Boy
I was ducking my landlord, looking out for my standpoint
I’m Sammy Sosa, they catch emotions
Mamis lack composure when the camera flash is open
Paper planes get me lifted they say Red Bull give you wings
I can sit you in business, a power trip, you should tip

[Hook: AKA]
I’m fresh to death in this motherfucker
I asked a question, I’m in a 7
Now can you parallel in this motherfucker?
I’m high as heaven… Now bust it open
Seven eleven

[Verse 2: Da L.E.S]
It’s funny how shit change
With a little foreign exchange
Bitches doing shit strange
For a little shit change
And niggas wanna act like, they ain’t finna act right
When I order my shit though, bring mine with a flashlight
I got a milli in my pocket and it feels so good
With just a little profit man the whole city shook
But I don’t give a fuck cause I’ma get back to it and my kick-game make a nigga sick like uhhh
I don’t give a fuck when I’m skating these streets & bitches all over this motherfucking beach
With that foreign ahhh, legs spread, Jordan sign


[Verse 3: Maggz]
Okay I can’t lie
I’m smoked up namageng’ ami and we roll the tenth time
We choked up on that good stuff and we flowing damn high
On beats we owning the streets and that’s no fucking damn lie
I know Soweto testify
Alright, call us up cause we’re kings on
For this balling shit we got rings on
New whip, two chicks with her friends in the mix and you know these bitches gon’ cling on
Star-trekking, I’m Jason Statham on that bar action
A few shots and she’s expendable, got her in the car laughing like
Athi kimi Magazini, awung’thathe s’hambe siye kini
Ngam’ tshela straight I’m too high to drive & I’m way over my limit
Wathi kimi no biggie
Let’s do backseats & get kinky
Ngathi okay my love you’re too cool as fuck as I’m burning down my sticky