We On Fire

Hey yo I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth
And nothing else but the truth, so help me God
For real, aint no fake niggaz around here
Is all real, we in the stoop, 24/7 365 you dig
Its madness around here you dig
We all I’ve got… one

[Da LES]
I was built to be sharp right
I thought the road was straight until I had to make a sharp right
I bags on the pot pipe flash on the spotlight
Until I spazzed on the song right
Yeah these mommies want cash in the thong like
So I ride ‘em in my passenger on like
This for my coony cronies, y’all niggaz never move me
We all wearing nothing here Loony Tooney
This aint a goofy movie, even fools confuse me
We directing y’all actors like George Clooney
So keep tuned into thee, one and two and to three
Three and four there’s much more hits to tune into gee
I got some killer Kush it’s in my baggy bag
That’s why my niggaz push, cash in the piggy bank
It’s madness around here the baddest shit around here
We got cash for fans around here…

F.I.R.E. (We on fire!)
Look at me up in the spot doing my thing
With my new step eyes on me
(We on fire!) and look at me doing my thing
With my boys now the spotlight is on me
(We on fire!) you can hate if you want
(We on fire!) or you can look me in the eye
Yaahhh hoooo hoooh …… yeah … yeah

You dudes better shut up now or get shut
Coz we don’t only get bucks we get bucked
You throwing your sets up we getting you set up
While we throwing our cheques up you getting checked up
Yeah you laying now we aint playing here
Hate that I’m too cool to loose I aint playing fair
So watch what you saying here
You might tell the wrong guy and he might start spraying that
Now you praying here begging for life
I told you I got thugs as my extra eyes
I got goons and platoons with some extra guys
Yah… I need room for my extra size
So I exercise with manpower that’s real muscle
I got a real hustle, player so my deals double
From the rands to the grands till the meals couple
And we still trouble, M.A. double


[Da LES (Maggz)]
We went from decks to cassettes to the VCR’s
To getting tapped (getting played on them PVR’s
Now we) paid and we made you can see we stars
(You can hate but we praised by these streets we run)
Now who we are, push two seat cars
Yeah we be far from the two weak bars
For real this is real talk homie like we pledge on it
(This is real talk homie we got bread on it)

[Chorus] X2