Im at a vibe
Let' the good times roll
and I don't wanna let go

I let the blunts roll

You coming out
let's go


Puffing on these
I'm zooted

You know when
we beam
we zoomin

Proud of all you set
You know exactly what to do with you love
But never get enough

Gas up

Big lungs
Big toke
All night

No joke joke
No lie

Let's go go
Let's fly



Started back before yall knew me
I been in stu cooking dope hits like im zocci
I been realer and lucid but still confuse it
Started with Mass cpt and beat by Yurei

Did it one man
To get where im at (Ye)

Putting flight mode
Let good tyms roll
Party with cypro

Done being treated like non
Skrrr like civic which ion even want more

God bless all the way to mars so that snakes cant slaat on grass though

God bless all the way to mars...
So that snakes cant slaat on grass