Awakened Spirit

In my world,it’s rare to find an album that captivates me from beginning to end,one that makes me want to squeeze every morsel of goodness from each track by patiently listening and re-listening.

The production skill demonstrated here is top-notch,songwriting for the vocal tracks is superb and album arrangement is excellent.

In a phrase:I Love it!

Top tracks for me on this album:

1.”Alafia” – A long-time favorite,it’s been featured on quite a number of my Compilation CDs.Always gets the crowd into that elevated mood whenever played.Long play advised for maximum effect.

2.”All So Heavenly” – This track meshes so well with “Alafia”,it seems like a continuation of it.They both have the same vibe,same effect.A true blessing this tune is.

3.”This Feeling” – An extremely written and arranged piece.The poetry on it is well delivered and the musical layering is well timed.Easy to overlook at the beginning but tends to suck you in as you proceed.

As is the tradition with most SA album releases,the tracks are mixed into each other meaning that DJs would have to get the full cuts online.


# Title Length
3 Beautiful 8:16
6 Ngiyazifela 8:45