Pre Occupy(Intro)

Welcome To The Last Chapter Pre-Occupy
Young Soul With A Dream I Share My Vision With An OG
Young Blessed And I'm Focused On My Own Craft
Win Is Like A Mindset Call It Blacknificent
Welcome To The Block As I Surface To The Top
Believe In Myself Cause Only Strong Can Survive
Born Solid Never Snaked Till I Maintain
Shout Out To The One Above Nigga I'm The Greatest
I'm The True Vine Very Outspoken King
My Music Brings Fully Peace To The Positive Minds
Never Followed Crowds Moving On My Own Lane
Put Pressure On Everything I Rap About It's Legit
What's Ain't Solid Gonna Fold Trust Me I Been There
This Chess Not Checkers Gotta Play Your Role Wisely
I Make Music For The Future King With A Heart Of Soldier
Losses Is A Passion, Never Give Up On Yourself