Save It

Save It

konway Sikwayo ft BlackEd & KELLENN

Sonogram (2020)

(Verse 1: ConwaySA)
Love you to the moon and back
I've heard a lot of those
Swimming in a pool of dreams
I think we overdose
Thousand ways to die I'm just here without protection
I would die a proud death dying on a mission
I'll give you TLC baby love without conditions
Come and roll with us you don't need a fucking visa
I looked up to you mama they look up to me now
I'm gonna make my mark mama I'm gon' cross the borders
I'm gon make my mark mama watch me how I bleed out
I'm gon make my mark mama look how will this turn out
Lemme change my flow but I'll keep it on the low
Let me take my phone I'm feeling disconnected

(Verse 2: BlackEd)
You say I'm losing it
I'm just controlling it
Fuck it just roll with it
You don't mean nothing no more
But how did it get to this shit
We plan of the sea
We hash out the whiz
Growth was evident
That wasn't love
Pressure creeped in
Guess I was thinking too much
Caught up in your words yeah yeah
You told me you love me and nothing above me
Admit it already the error was mine
I should've changed yeah yeah
I fucked up the vision with all of my selfish decisions
And all of the smoking the drinking
What about the dripping
Now I'm sitting and thinking what happened to us
I know we been through a lot
But what was the fuss
In it too deep, these questions are killing me
Bitch you got me stressed out
Bitch you got me stressed out
KELLENN with the antidote
KELLENN got the antidote
Bring the bottle it'll make the pain go away
Cause I got em problems and a lot of them
My girl broke character
That's a piece of the puzzle
No need to discuss that
I hope that we find a way
I'm praying I'm praying forgive and forget
Fuck I don't get

(Verse 3: KELLENN)
They say I'm losing it I have been writing man I have been killing this shit
I'm Kellen the youngin I ball on these niggas they will all know my name
My nigga we own it you know that we on it we only make hits
She said she don't want me man that shit is crazy, now I'm driving miss daisy
I had to put the pieces together
I could never predict the weather
It's fuckin cold I gotta keep the leather
I'm fed up like a mad professor
You've been lying to me so many times
I had to read between the lines
Sometimes it's hard to read the signs
You with that nigga but you say you mine

(Verse 4: ConwaySA)
Forgive and forget
Man I don't forget
I fly up the jets man I'm tryna maintain
When the tears start falling I walk in the rain
What bout my efforts were they in vain?
Can't cope with the pain, let's not debate
I'm swimming in pain, I cry everyday
Why won't you tell me that you was just you was just playing
You fucked up the vision, like sex in my brain, I'm not okay
Fuck out my face, I'm not amazed
You know the shit that you did to my life
You were the one I would take as a wife
How do I breathe with a knife on my throat
Like you wanna slaughter me yes I'm the G.O.A.T
Murder she wrote, I got a note
My nigga I quote, "You fell in love
But I was afloat,"