Outro (Prod. by Mik3 H3aven)

konway Sikwayo ft Mik3 H3aven

Sonogram (2020)

(Verse 1: ConwaySA)
We're recording? Shout out to Mike by the way
Okay, this one is for you
This is not Hip-Hop
It's something you should never sleep on
You know you should keep on
When you see a lotta people hating on you
Don't care a fucking hater I will see it later
It's really hard on come up
Tryna impress but you fuck up
Tryna go past but you stuck up
Memories in your head are fucked up
Rhymes in your book are cooked up
In a bedroom studio cooped up
Abandon your bed school wants you here
If you don't attend you'll get another year
We're hoping our dreams will get us there
We're going wild nigga I'm so anxious
At 8am she was feeling nausieas
Backtrack a little I hit it raw
Junior is ready it's too early
She gon need a nanny
Don't wanna be a daddy
Speaking of daddies
I really wish I could like his wife
Can we revert to the normal life
She going to church, Rock of Life
I don't want a family like this
Dad we pay for your sins
I don't want a family like this
I really pray on my knees
Don't ask me about a degree
From 0 to 180 degrees
Excuse the language if I can't find the right words
I'm just a black man trapped inside a white world
Systematic oppression until your last breath
When you black your future blurry even with lenses intact
Matter of fact this the truth they wanna hear me retract
Filtered history truth hidden cause they scared of how we'll react
It ain't only that it gets personal too
Mommy works for the white man too
I reminisce about my honest conversation with Lungelo
She poured out I believed her first time like Maya Angelou
She from a different path I'm glad we got to cross em though
We talked about how I used to crush on her I still like her though
I let her see my script she was like
"It ain't materialistic and it's perfect dawg"
Failed relationships were part of the conversation boy

(Verse 2: Mik3 H3aven)
Yeah, I’ve always wondered why it seems like my life started in 2013
Dreams, that’s when I started writing my first 16s
It’s these dreams that brought me this far
Pain and achievements the motivation of my writing
The crystallization of my writing
Comes from the glory and the struggles I have been through
I’ve have been through a lot of things
A lot of ugly seens
To my aid was my unlikely genes
All I ever wanted was to study genes
But in life you got to go through it to show it
No Meek
The Milky Way we all pray for
Goals is we all die for
To be heard that is what we all want, that’s why we need this signing for
Grinding for it, it gets pretty and ugly
Scary at the same time
Maybe that’s just what we need
Top dawgs, that’s what we will be
No ordinary life can taint us
Zulu no ordinary surname was given to us
Maybe that’s why it took me this long to record my first joint
Better yet my first classic
Fossil is what we will all be
So I will try to work hard before I face it all
Familiar faces turn into farming bases
I mean everybody ages
It has been ages without a father figure
Mama is how I survived go and figure
My love life is like a mathematical problem
I’m not sure if I love her or I just saw that figure
In my mind I’m like “are you sure that’s realer?”
I still to be the illest
For real I’m still confused, are they with me or not?
I mean it will not take a lot from you
Just to appreciate and learn the type of music I’m making
My dawg
I mean I’m baking here, please back me here
I’m staking these words with no intentions of stepping on anyone
This pen and paper is who I fight with
At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who I write with
So you are not the ones I wanna fight with
My dawg I wanna go heights with you
I wanna go heights with you