Vanishing Point

Taking the road
Driving away
Two cars they go
In opposite ways
I'm in the one
She's in the other
And in the mirror I can see the vanishing point

Desolate by way
Waiting for me
She'll never know
Just how I feel
Just like this desert
I'm passing through
And it seems like I'm heading on to nowhere at all

And like a desperate man
Trying to make an urging call
But there's nobody there
No one to receive his call

And far away
Beneath the empty sky
You can hear an eagle cry
Where the landscape fades away

Hold on - I've got to hold on
Now that the sun is almost gone
How I'd love to have her here with me
It's like a dream as I recall the vanishing point

Song on the radio
Reminds me of her
Times that we had
Things that we shared
Too many reasons
Drove us apart
(And) it's over - sure as I saw the vanishing point