Life Is Going On (Without You)

you know there comes a time
when a man must look inside
to find out what keeps him going
and what it is that holds him back.
so many things in life
to consider every day
at this point my mind's been everywhere.

you and i we've come a long way
we had our expectations
we had our hopes
but slowly we started losing ground
never to regain the situation that we had
i guess we're blinded by life's own light.

love was all i had for you
and love was all my heart could do
but now you're gone
so i close the book on you
i'm opening a new for
life is going on
without you.

i will hold my head up high
i will look into the sky
i won't try to say those words to you
try to make you understand
what we had was nothing ordinary in this world
i suppose a special thing's come to an end.

[Chorus x2]