Voice 002

For the love of music
I rap
For my niggers i pray
I'm sending to all them
Even x my nigger
Iv been playing your songs
Ive rocking it hard
honestly i see my niggers
My love me to death
Im putting my ego away
Fuck my pride my nigger
This shit holds me down
Ive been stressed my nigger
There arent no love out here
Everyone wants to eats
Even me my nigger
Im blowing brains out
Im tearing the industry
They wont love me
Unless they see me on tv
And it hard my nigger
It about connections here
But im breaking in
Im cutting wires here
and connect myself
2019 arent playing
Stay jig my nigger
Everybody going die
Im spitting missiles
Aka's in your face
If you go against me
Protect your neck cause im coming

Im so sick widdit
Laddies like my style
Chyld i run the hood
Aren't nobody this good
Except me
Broadcast me live on mtv
Freestyle Cyphers
And ill wreck the scene
I see niggers sleep
Around me arent nobody rest
Protect me the masians please
My palms ich nigger i might be get rich
If it wasnt for rap nigger
I'll be dead
All this stress
I had to find a way to let it go
They dont like me
and that im sure
And I'm going make you'll hate me more
I can take you'll all at once
I don't give fuck
who gives a fuck
All i know i dont give a word
Who's What
Nigger pick pen and start writing like a real man
As you pretend to be
All i know
I aren't taking L's
Im not here to make some fake friends
But Im here to compete with ya
Piss piss in your face
And take your fans with me
Put my name on the billboard I'm hot nigger
Double plats on a single track you goin see nigger
One day ill be the greatest artist
And i won't fuck with you'll
You trash niggers
Put you all un the trash can
U rap shitting
Manipulating the industry
With fake talking
Im a shine bright
Im a blow soon