My bitch, choosy, she don't like, cheap things

My bitch choosy
She don't like cheap things
(Im spending x3)
Said She don't like cheap
Yeah she dont like cheap things
Said she dont like cheap things

I bought her fantasy chain
She don't like
She said she wants a gucci bag
And the latest blahik high heels
(Come on girl you must kidding)
Oh She wants them now
otherwise she going leave me

So i took her out
bought chains,fansy clothes, and some8 bruise
and her friends wanted some
so bought
and some more
till i swiped
with my card
It declined
I was broke
i was lost
Cause love
Fuck this shit

(Gurl let's leave this niggers broke)

If i only knew you wouldn't waste my time
All those hours wasted
I could've of made new songs
Why you had to play me
Instead of playing my songs

Ok Skit
My ex bitch still want me
She threatened my new bitch
Why dont you free me
Lately I'm worried
I always got problems
And you bring more problems
Why can I be free
Why can i be free
Im always damn stressful
I think im going do drugs
The next thing I'm dosing
I'm loosing mind here
Why dont youll free me
My hungry for fame here
And if You don't you feed me
Im aiming at anyone