i got pain inside soul
I'm so desperate please free me
If you'll dont
Then i break in
Aiming at anyone in this game
Cock back shoot
You taking my bait
Cock back shoot
And then i blow up
Lifes a bitch so niger lets ride
If it dont bark then it dont bite
All my Iife ive hungry for this moment
Where cameras lights show up
Next thing kim Kardashians my bitch
Next thing im dissing every mc
I got demons still hunting me everytime
I'm close they want to stop me
Nothing can perfect the Hunger In me
Took me couple years for me to come back
and get to figure out why i rap
I guess it money, bitxhs and fame
All these tears and friends that iv lost
Flash back every time I go to sleep
Now i don't sleep
i fear i won't wake
Lifes too short
I want to blow up
My heart beat beat
like rain drops and drums
Im so desperate please free me

i got pain inside soul
Inside my body
You don't want problems messing with me
(Me me me me)pitch

You dont want problems here ey
My heart is broken real here
I want to make it so bad
Why dont you'll free me
So why dont youll free me

I make girls pee when they see me
I'm so biggie around you'll niggers
I gave her my word
She tried and undress

This arent worth it
It all about cheques
Im spending on you
If i ever go broke
Probably going leave
And Blame it on me
I heard about you
You probably going die
And die for the paper
Even if it selling your soul to devil
You break rules if desperate
I dont problems roling with u
My life is cursed iv never been blessed
Skip that
I rap to try and find a better place for me
Think im loosing my faith
Iike biggie
Life's a bitch and now I'm sure
Ski ski quick
I'm making my moves
Ski ski
My music is finally in stores
Lost 5k of my fan's on Facebook
Fuck that aren't going back there
Mom told me my music real hot
Gave me few rands to put in stores
Blow it up with my friends I dont care
Where I'm from rappers don't make it
I just rap cause i got