this beat was made by ab infact
he made them all
Let give him around of applause
This is a humblest kid
But I still dont understand
Why do this
I hardly thank you
But grateful
You real to me
I respect that
You a real one
I signed 50% on your name
So the cheques coming
But I got a record i got to spin
I'm 19 still i havent made it
Probably By 25 I'm quiting this music thing
Nah Fuck it
who am i kidding
I'll do this music till i die
Put my album in my coffin
So i rest in peace
Even if it one fan playing my records
Ill do this music till i die
That my word
Young legend
My sound roaming coast
They play it 9 to 5 on the streets when i drop, when drop
Man I'm hot and you not
I make your bitch sweat
It such a blessing cause winning
but The game is fucked up
It all about connections
They dont want to see up
But we up
putting hard work
till we make it
Fuck the record labels
I've been knocking but no one will answer
I feel hov
When they did him wrong
So desperate i want to make it
I hardly recognize the fans i got
i need a million people
To stream my music
I'm fucken thirsty
Im sipping anything in this industry
Till i make it


Nigger I'm chose
Voice 001
Voice 002

The more i get the more i want
And that cycle
Im fucken thirsty
my flow retarded
Im underrated
So desperate i want to make it
Im such a social slave
And Anti social but emotions social
If i ever complained about my struggle
I'd be still stuck on past
With my problems and more that'll be stacking up
Like that money
That government be collecting from his tax payers
Even from the homeless
When they buying goods
You see vat included
And that a fact you cant deny it
And hardly use bills
to save the state
But roles fancy cars
And lives pent houses
So his bouler
He hangs around with richest
So his a member
his kid flashes cash
Everytime on insta
And no one complains
But we made them
And All it took was a simple speech
to convince you'll all
Now his a millionaire
Living rich and he don't damn about the poor